The Dispatch - Week 6

Things are starting to move after Chinese New Year, whilst pricing remains pretty much as it was before, there are more and more mutterings that rates might start to drop. It will be interesting to see how the 12 & 24 month fixed deals agreed by some play out with the spot market in a few months.


XSI® - C

Report a figure of $14,265 per 40’ container (FEU) dated 09/02/22 (down 5.79%)


Report a figure of $14,483 per 40’ container (FEU) dated 11/02/22 (down 2%)


‘Cracks’ appear in Asia-Europe rates over uncertain outlook - The Loadstar
Ocean carriers fear that fiscal policies designed to stem inflationary pressures in Europe will weaken consumer appetite for non-essential goods, and are preparing to react quickly to adjust capacity. Container spot rates from Asia to North Europe were flat this week, due to the Chinese New Year hol…
Good article, that backs up the opinion rates might start to head southwards
Loctek says: ‘Shipowning isn’t a rash move, it makes economic sense’ - The Loadstar
Chinese furniture maker Loctek Ergonomic Technology has responded to criticism that building a containership to overcome logistics challenges is an impulsive move. On 27 January, Loctek, which has two factories Ningbo and one in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, conformed it had ordered a 1,800 teu vessel…
Chinese furniture maker has ordered it’s own 1,800 tea vessel at a cost of $32.6m to overcome logistics challenges….
Flexport Is Silicon Valley’s Solution To The Supply Chain Mess—Why Do Insiders Hope It Sinks?
Founder Ryan Petersen has positioned himself as shipping’s savior, earning Flexport a new $8 billion valuation. But industry rivals say the 41-year-old near-billionaire and his startup are all show.
Always follow these guys developments, and have very mixed views on what they are doing and how they are doing it…. certainly keeps it interesting though!


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