The Dispatch - Week 8

Storm Eunice came and went, to be eclipsed by another storm brewing up between Ukraine and Russia. A precarious situation that will certainly cause further disruption to supply chains, but also economies and human life.


As we were with rates right now. We are starting to see more ‘special offers’ from our Chinese partners, which is always a sign of rates softening a little.

The options remain rates on par with below for your traditional carriers. You can obtain a saving on these by using the new charter options, but there are a number of caveats and surcharges with these which might not make their option any more attractive.

XSI® - C

Report a figure of $14,226 per 40’ container (FEU) dated 23/02/22 (up 0.43%)


Report a figure of $14,225 per 40’ container (FEU) dated 25/02/22 (down 1%)


UK shippers forced to pay nearly $1,000 more per box from Asia compared to their European neighbours - Splash247
Just 33 km is all that separates the United Kingdom from the rest of Europe at the narrowest part of the English Channel, yet post-Brexit, combined with the operational scourge of the pandemic, it now costs British shippers nearly $1,000 more per feu to get their goods from Asia compared to their ne…
This increase seemed to start when we were having huge port congestion problems and some of the lines stopped calling the UK all together on some sailings, now it’s somewhat stuck around.

Memo: The 2PM Digital Commerce Presentation
While much of the character makeup of DNVBs has stayed the same, the backdrop has changed drastically. New macroeconomic trends and market forces are influencing the DTC industry and the DTC indust…
One of the leading resources on the industry is 2PM, which — together with Deloitte — released a report highlighting 8 ecommerce trends:

How the Ukraine - Russia Conflict Could Challenge Supply Chains
Conflict in eastern Ukraine could cause challenges for supply chains that depend on commodities including energy, metals and food.
Informative piece on what commodities could be affected by the Ukraine - Russia conflict.


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